The Wood Element

element-woodWood is symbolic of life and the process of renewing life. In Chinese philosophy, it is associated with assertiveness, aggressiveness, strong drives and anger. When the wood element is weak, that drive is diminished, making a person feel discouraged or depressed, If you are a wood person, you are prone to these types of emotional responses.

Wood relates to the organs of the liver and gallbladder. The liver is the biochemical mastermind of the body. It is the major center for neutralizing environmental toxins and the primary organ for preparing nutrients for transport though the bloodstream, this is why the Chinese say the liver builds the blood. The gallbladder helps digest fats, which are essential to healthy skin, nerves and glands. It also serves as an avenue for eliminating certain types of toxins.

When the liver is stressed and overworked, a person will tend to feel irritable and cranky. They may be restless and unable to get to sleep at night, but feel groggy and “hung over” in the morning. Hypoglycemia, migraine headaches, PMS symptoms, allergies, abdominal pain and skin conditions can all occur when the liver is thus burdened. The Chinese Liver Balance TCM formula (Tiao He) reduces this excess wood energy, supporting the liver and gallbladder in reducing the toxic load in the body.

People who are deficient in wood energy experience weakness in the liver and gallbladder. This results in an inability to move forward in a constructive manner and possible feeling of discouragement and depression. Physically, this chronic weakness of the liver and gallbladder energy would result in fatigue, menstrual problems in women, intestinal inflammation, abdominal pain and chronic liver problems.

To strengthen this deficiency of wood energy the Chinese Blood Stimulator TCM formula (Bu Xue) would be the formula of choice. Chinese Blood Stimulator TCM is especially good for anemia in women or women with scanty menses or prolonged menstrual cycles. It is also helpful for people with vague health problems that doctors say are “all in their head,” making the person feel like a hypochondriac. Another formula that helps a weakened condition in the wood element is Chinese Mood Elevator TCM (Jie Yu). This formula helps anxiety, depression, sagging energy and digestive problems.



   Symptoms of Excess Wood    Symptoms of Deficient Wood
   Nausea, vomiting, flu-like symptoms    Hypoglycemia or afternoon fatigue
   Alternating diarrhea and constipation    PMS symptoms and moodiness
  Anger, defensiveness    Depressed, discouraged feelings
   Headaches, dizziness    Hypochondriac feelings
   Discomfort under right rib cage    Frequent skin eruptions
   Fatigue in the mornings, groggy    Difficulty getting to sleep, difficulty waking
   Bitter taste in the mouth    Frequent skin problems
  Stiff and achy muscles    Frequent fatigue
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