The Water Element

element-waterWater symbolically represents fluidity, or the ability to “go with the flow.” Hence, if you’re person who is like water you will be yielding, flexible, and easy-going. You may also be timid, fearful and “wishy-washy” at times. This is why an excess of fear is thought to be harmful to the kidneys and bladder, the organs logically associated with the water element in Chinese medicine.

The kidneys do more than eliminate waste water, however. They also regulate pH in the blood and maintain fluid and mineral balance. This helps explain to how the kidneys in Chinese medicine also came to be associated with the bones. Weak kidneys create weak bones. This is because waste acids can’t be flushed efficiently from the body causing mineral loss from the bones.

When excess water and water-like personality tendencies are too strong in the body, the Chinese Kidney Activator TCM formula (Qu Shi) will help to eliminate excess water from the body. This formula is helpful for edema, scant or clear urine, heavy sluggish feelings, bladder infections and burning urinations.  It can also help people who are timid , fearful and indecisive.

When there is a loss of water – quality in the body , creating brittleness and stiffness, the Chinese formula KB-C TCM (Jain Gu) will strengthen both the kidneys and the bones.  This formula not only aids chronic urinary problems, it is also builds the bones. It is helpful for spinal misalignment, chronic backache (especially in the low back), weak knees and ankles, arthritis and osteoporosis. It is also helpful for people who lack “backbone” or have become so hardened, inflexible and rigid in their thought processes that they can no longer flow with the changes in their lives.



   Symptoms of Excess Water    Symptoms of Deficient Water
   Water retention, edema    Dark circles under eyes
   Sluggish, tired    Chronic back pain, spinal misalignment
   Wake up at night to urinate    Neck pain, stiff neck
   Urinary infections or burning urination    Leg cramps or pains
   Prostate swelling    Weak knees, ankles, legs
   Scanty or pale urine    Arthritis, gout
   Fearful, indecisive, timid    Osteoporosis
   Backache, joint swelling or pain    Impotency
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