The Metal Element

element-metalMetal is the stuff that swords and shields are made of, so it should be of little surprise that the guarded, aloof, socially-correct person has a lot of “metal” in them. If you’re a metal person, you may have a lot of unacknowledged grief and sadness inside, so you may have shielded yourself to avoid experiencing more emotional pain.

The Chinese associate the metal element with the lungs and colon, but it might be more correct to say that metal element is related to the mucus membranes which line both of these systems. These mucus membrane linings in the digestive tract, lungs, and sinuses are the body’s first line of immune defense. Most infections will enter through this route. So, metal is also symbolic of our immune response – swords and shields, again.

Metal invokes ideas of substance, structure and strength. The metal element is associated with autumn because this is the time of year when all things begin to consolidate within themselves.  A metal person would begin to pull all reserves and store up for the coming winter. Although life appears to fade on the surface, it is still present, deep within things.

When there is a tendency to acute respiratory congestion, bronchitis, asthma, wheezing, coughing, allergies, sinus headaches, etc… the metal-reducing formula Breathe Activator TCM (Xuan Fei) can help to open up the congested respiratory passages.

For chronic weakness of the lungs, prolonged grieving, chronic deep coughs, tightness of the chest and other conditions which suggest chronic weakness of the metal energy in the body, Chinese Lung Support TCM (Fu Lei ) is a metal supporting formula that strengthens this primary line of immune defense. It can also help deeply repressed grief and sadness and the inability to express this emotional pain. It’s good for people who are aloof and emotionally distant.



   Symptoms of Excess Metal    Symptoms for Deficient Metal
   Acute respiratory congestion, asthma    Chronic infection in lungs
   Coughing, sneezing    Chronic lung weakness, wheezing
   Sinus congestion    Withdrawn, long-term grief, sadness, hardness of heart
   Sinus headaches    Dry, unproductive cough
   Swollen lymph glands    Tightness in chest
   Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath    Feeble speaking
   Allergies, hay fever    Tuberculosis, emphysema


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