The Fire Element

element-fireIt’s pretty easy to relate to what the element of fire symbolizes in the body. We talk about an excited person as being “all fired up” or a passionate person as being “hot” or “on fire.” Fire is the element of enthusiasm, drive, desire, and passion. If you are a person who is full of fire you will be lively, dynamic, outgoing and enthusiastic. When that fire is deficient, you’ll feel “burned out.”

In Chinese medicine, fire relates to the heart and circulatory system. Fire also relates to the nerves and glands, although in traditional Chinese medicine they didn’t really understand the function of the nerves and glands, so they called these systems the triple warmer and sex energy. Still, it’s pretty easy to understand that an excess of “fire” in Chinese medicine refers to a high-strung, highly stressed person.

So a person with excess fire might experience anxiety, insomnia, absent-mindedness, extremes of emotion, nervousness and tension, dizziness, light-headedness, mania or even heart palpitations. To quench this excess fire, the Chinese Stress Relief TCM Formula (An Shen) is a good choice. It “pacifies the spirit,” as the Chinese would say, or in other words, “calms the nerves.”

As we have indicated, a person who has lost their fire would feel “burned-out.”
This manifests as fatigue with restless and disturbed sleep patterns. The person feels overwhelmed, tired, nervous but exhausted, and may suffer from emotional sensitivity, muddled thinking, mental confusion, loss of short term memory, loss of sexual desire, and sensations of pressure and pain in the chest that make them feel like something is wrong with their heart. Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula TCM (Yang Xin) nourishes this deficient fire energy, helping the person to achieve restful sleep and restore their energy. It reduces feelings of stress and fatigue, while cleaning the mind and helping to restore a sense of passion to person’s life.



   Symptoms of Excess Fire    Symptoms of Deficient Fire
   Nervous, excitable    Cold hands and feet
   Anxiety, muscle tension    Loss of sex drive
   Dizzy or light-headed    Muddled thinking and confusion
   Toss and turn in sleep, restless sleep    Waking up frequently, restless dreams
   Too much stress    Forgetfulness, absent-mindedness
   Talks to fast, difficulty slowing down    Feeling overwhelmed and burned out
   Highly emotional    Night sweats Feeling “Burned out”


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