The Earth Element

element-earthMaybe you’re not the “fired-up” kind. Maybe you’re more “down to earth.” Earth symbolizes the nurturing mother energy, sympathetic, prone to worry and fret and maybe over-motherly to the point point it’s smothering sometimes. Earth people tend to try to do too much for others and wind up stressed as a result.

Considering the associations of earth with mothering, it’s very easy to understand how this earth energy could be associated with our digestive system, the stomach and pancreas (or spleen in Chinese medicine). The stomach receives our food and initiates the digestive process required to nourish us. The pancreas secretes enzymes to finish the process.

However, the Chinese concept doesn’t stop with digestion. In Chinese medicine, the spleen was thought to be the organ that transforms the food we eat into flesh of muscle mass. So, the entire process of metabolizing food, and protein in particular, is associated with the Chinese concept of spleen.

We all recognize that worry and stress create stomach upset. “Don’t worry too much, it will give you an ulcer.” It’s not a good idea to eat when we feel rushed and stressed, but in today’s face-paced, fast-food world, many of us do it anyway. As a result we often wind up with a sour stomach, bloating, gas, and other signs of digestive upset.

The Chinese Anti-Gas TCM formula (Xiao Dao) is an earth reducing formula that works well for occasional acute indigestion (acid stomach, acid reflux, gas, bloating, foul belching, etc.). It is also a good formula for the person who has a “do it all” kind of attitude where they take on too much trying to help other people. As a result they wind up with worry, stress and the frequent digestive upset that accompanies it.

For the person whose digestion has become weakened, so they are not assimilating nutrients (especially protein) very effectively, the earth increasing Chinese Spleen Activator TCM (Wen Zhong) is a better choice. This is an excellent formula for people who are thin, pale and unable to gain muscle mass. It warms and strengthens the digestive organs and improves metabolic efficiency. The ingredients in the Chinese Spleen Activator TCM nurture the spleen and act as a tonic for the digestive system, helping transform foods into energy.



   Symptoms of Excess Earth    Symptoms of Deficient Earth
   Frequent bad breath    Poor protein digestion
   Belching after meals    Low energy levels
   Cravings for sugar    Prolonged illness or loss of energy
   Intestinal gas and bloating    Poor muscle tone or thin and unable to gain weight
   Sour stomach, acid indigestion    Chronically poor appetite
   Temporary loss of appetite    Shallow breathing
   Foul taste in mouth    Constant bloating or intestinal irritation
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