I was fortunate to be raised in a family with a strong belief and teaching of a good diet, nutritious foods and healthy living. In 1978, our family became involved with the prestigious herbal company called Nature’s Sunshine Product. For years, my aunts, mother, cousins all taught others about the benefits of nutrition and supplementation with natural products. In 1991, I begin to teach my colleagues and friends about the importance of cleansing and using herbal medicine. After graduating Nursing School in 1994, I opened a retail shop selling herbs, vitamins and minerals. This allowed me to teach others about the importance of prevention health care, instead of the modern disease-treatment focus. I was always fascinated with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its practice of treating someone holistically.

While attending a national convention for Nature’s Sunshine Products, I took a Natural Health Consultant course called the Secrets of Chinese Medicine with experts Karta Singh Khalsa and Steven Horne. Within this course I began to learn more about Chinese herbalism, and the energies of TCM. Some years later while visiting in Beijing, China I had the privilege of meeting with several TCM doctors, the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and the museum of Chinese Medicine, and visit several thriving Chinese Herbal markets.

Today, I’ve simplified my experience and education for others to have the benefit of a simple questionnaire. This simple quiz will help you determine the dominate constitution or element that influences your health and wellness. Once we know our constitution we are then able to balance the bodies energies with the correct TCM herbal supplements to regain and maintain our health.

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